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Bottom Painting and Stripping 

Profesional Bottom Services

The purpose of keeping your bottom maintained is to avoid delamination, paint buildup, and excessive marine growth. We spend the time to make sure your boat is properly sanded for best adhesion and thick areas are transitioned.   


Bottom stripping and epoxy-based barrier coats are also available. Bottom stripping will remove all of your boat's existing bottom paint, leaving a nice smooth finish. Using a marine barrier coat will ensure your hull is protected from underwater growth, water intrusion and will completely seal the hull. We use Interlux Micron CSC for all of our clients in the northeast, as it provides superior multiseason protection. Starting at just $18ft + materials for basic marine bottom painting.

We offer Black, Red, Blue, Green & White Paint in an ablative texture semi-gloss/matte finish.

Bottom Services

*Regular Bottom Painting 

*Hull Stripping and Expoy Barrer Coats 

*Power Washing Bottom

*Outdrives and Props

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