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Boston's Leading Full Service Marine Center

Industry Leading Service Standards


Boat repair is in our DNA. We have decades of experience in modern-day boat-building, setting us apart from other local repair centers. At Ravosa Marine Services, we stay up-to-date with the rapidly evolving technologies in the marine market. We take great pride in working on your vessel and have been rated the best full-service boat yard and management company in Boston. Our success is due to our commitment to outstanding customer service, clear communication, and industry-leading service standards.


In New England, the boating season is short-lived, and a couple of weekends with your boat in the shop can be devastating. That's why we offer mobile services that eliminate the need to haul, tow, and launch your boat for a simple fix. We understand the importance of your time on the water, especially when you're twenty-five miles offshore, where there's no margin for error. That's why our technicians are factory-explicitly trained to diagnose and repair any issue you may experience.

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