New Power Adds Speed, Value, Fuel Economy and MORE!


Repower Specialists 

Repowering your vessel is a great way to freshen up the performance, add value and increase speed & fuel economy. With the cost of new boats skyrocketing, financially speaking it often makes the most sense to change out the motor(s) rather than buying a new boat. We specialize in Yamaha and Suzuki repowers.

Along with new motors, Ravosa Marine Services also can repower your boat with a gently used outboard. We have the tools and ability to perform most repowers at your location, or if more convenient we can haul it to our storage yard to complete the repower. If you're thinking about new or used power, call us! We ARE your repower specialists. 

2017 Yamaha F150

2019 Suzuki 175hp


This classic Cape Codder 19 had seen better days with its original 1998 Yamaha 100hp. Upon the initial consultation with the owner, we discussed that going with a gently used outboard was the most viable option. We located a 2017 150hp Yamaha with 137 hours. The new power gave him more horsepower, speed, fuel economy and added a significant amount of value to the boat. 

Our good friend and customer Paul had just purchased a boat, and unfortunately for him, the Johnson 150hp had thrown a rod and needed to be replaced. Because Paul had plans to keep the boat for a very significant amount of time, he made the decision that new power was the best option. We opted to outfit the boat with a new Suzuki 175hp, all-new controls, and gauses aswell. We were able to perform this service in just under two days, at his house.