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Bostons ONLY Yamaha Dealer 

Ravosa Marine Services is your go-to destination for all your engine needs. We offer both loose engine sales and full-service repowers to cater to all our customers' requirements. Our range of engines varies from 6HP to 450HP, ensuring that we have got you covered. Our location, which is strategically less than 3 miles from Downtown Boston, makes it convenient for you to purchase the perfect Yamaha outboard and have it serviced anywhere in the Boston area, whether it is in your slip or beyond.

How Ravosa Repowers. 

Repowering any boat can be confusing for many; at Ravosa, we like to keep things very simple. We guide our clients through the process, allowing them time to comprehend their options. This ensures that all of our clients leave knowing they made the correct choice and will have the perfect motor for years to come.  


Why Repower?

The repowering process begins with an important decision. What is the reason behind your decision to repower? Is your current motor old and unreliable? Has it experienced a significant failure? Or are you simply interested in upgrading your boat and gaining more peace of mind? With the rising prices of boats, purchasing a new one may no longer be an affordable option for many people. However, with a new power system, almost any boat can feel brand new again

The Process

As we strive to keep things simple and transparent, we offer a comprehensive repower process that includes the following steps:


1. Hull/Vessel assessment: We thoroughly inspect the transom, fuel tanks, stringers, electrical systems, and all other critical components of your boat to ensure they are in good condition. This is essential as there's no point in installing a new motor on a boat that may have a major failure point. At the end of the day, we always prioritize our clients' best interests.

2. Engine Survey: We examine your current engine to determine its condition and identify any failure points. If we discover any issues, we diagnose them to ensure they are not boat-related and won't occur again. We also provide a trade-in value and incorporate it into a repower estimate.


3. Client Consultation: We believe in clear and concise communication. Therefore, we sit down with you to discuss all of your options via phone, email, or in-person. We explain the various features of modern engines, including integrated steering, digital throttle and shift, auto-pilot, and more. We also determine which rigging and controls can be reused with a new motor. We cover topics such as engine mounting height, prop selection, gauge confirmation, and max HP on the hull. We ensure that you fully understand the repower process, and all the options you've selected.


4. Estimate & Deposit: Once we've gathered all the necessary information, we provide you with an estimate. Once agreed upon, we ask for a deposit, and the work begins.


5. Installation: Our team removes your old motor(s), control(s), and all agreed-upon engine accessories. We then install the new motor, including any options you've selected. We perform a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) and register your warranty with Yamaha.

6. Completion and Sea Trial: We launch your vessel and take it for a sea trial to ensure all motor-related systems are functioning correctly. We complete the first two hours of the motor break-in period. We then help you become familiar with your new motor's features and controls. We provide you with the remaining break-in instructions.

7. 20HR Service: After your first 20 hours of operation, Yamaha recommends changing the gear oil, engine oil, and oil filter. We haul your vessel, perform the necessary service, and re-launch it. We upload all service documentation to your motor's serial number to ensure all warranty repairs are up to date.


8. Get Out & Enjoy! It's time to relax and get out on the water!

Let's get started!

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