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Service Rates: Our shop rate is $135.75 per hour & certain services are billed at a flat rate.

Mobile Repairs: $165/hr + Travel Time from & to 1 Belle Isle Terrace, Winthrop MA

Mobile repairs are made at any waterfront location from Scituate, MA to Salem, MA for strict repairs.  All maintenance, installations & boat work will be done at our Winthrop Facility unless the vessel cannot be transported due to size. 

Due to COVID19, parts availability is limited and CAN affect repair timelines and scheduling

Please review our terms & and conditions below and review the supporting documents regarding our service warranty, Haul Waiver, terms & and conditions, and our customer agreement.


Customer Dropoff Instructions

Terms & Conditions

Marine Repair Warranty 

Boat Hauling Waiver 

By accepting the terms & conditions box & printing your signature you confirm you are the registered owner or have permission from the said owner and agree & have reviewed all information in our terms & conditions, warranty agreement & our customer agreement.


*This forum serves as a work order agreement and is an estimated cost for the services requested by the client. Upon submission, the client understands the work agreed upon can and will be performed & billed. Individual estimates can be issued per request. 

Thanks for submitting!

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