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2024/2025 STORAGE 

Please review our terms & conditions below and review the supporting documents regarding our service warranty, terms & conditions, our customer agreement and hauling waiver.


Customer Dropoff Instructions         Terms & Conditions           Marine Repair Warranty           Boat Hauling Waiver 


DEFINITIONS: The term Owner refers to the Vessel’s owner, owner’s agents, and/or representatives. The term Vessel refers to the vessel’s hull, equipment, and all
other vessel-related property of the Owner when stored at the Boatyard. The Owner agrees to abide by all rules and conditions of Ravosa Marine Services LLC referred to as the boat yard, its owner, operator, and any affiliates or successors, including those set forth in this Agreement or any of the general Boatyard rules as may be promulgated
and posted; and the Boatyard reserves the right to cancel this agreement for violation of any of said rules and regulations, and to retain all amounts paid in advance.
This Agreement does not convey any interest in real property and is merely a license to use assigned yard space for storage of the Vessel.
TERM: The parties agree that the term of this contract is until 05/01/2024 and is not renewable.


STORAGE RULES: (a) All batteries must be disconnected; (b) no pressure washing bottoms of boats; (c) no Vessel shall be plugged into electricity overnight; (d)
access by the Owner for any reason (including working on or repairing vessels) is allowed upon notice to the Boatyard; and (e) all third parties (mechanics, winterizing
companies) accessing vessels must be insured, and a copy of their liability insurance certificate must be provided to the Boatyard prior to commencing any work on any
vessel. Ravosa Marine Services LLC must shrink-wrap all boats; no fabric, tarps or any other form of temporary covers are permitted. No exterior contractors are permitted to shrinkwrap boats.


RELOCATION: The Owner agrees that the Boatyard shall have the right but not the obligation to relocate his Vessel while it is stored or located within the Boatyard
premises as the Boatyard shall deem appropriate. Subject to the terms and conditions herein, the Owner shall at all times have the full care, custody, and control of his
Vessel. The Boatyard, when on said Vessel or exercising its rights hereunder, shall be deemed to be the agent for the Owner for such purposes. Under no circumstances
shall this Agreement nor any action by the Boatyard be construed as having created a bailment between the Boatyard and the Owner.


BOAT RAMP: The boat ramp, dock, and mooring may only be used by Ravosa Marine Services LLC staff. It is not for public use, and owners are prohibited from launching their boats on the ramp or using the dock, or mooring. Ravosa Marine Services LLC is the only party permitted to haul on the property. 

LIABILITY: Each of the parties hereto releases the other (and each person and legal entity claiming through each of them form any and all liability or responsibility to
the other) and each person and legal entity claiming through the other by way of subrogation or otherwise by way of loss or damage to property caused by fire or other
insured casualty even if such fire or other insured casualty shall have been caused by the fault or negligence of the party or anyone for whom such party may be
responsible, provided, however, that this release shall be applicable and in force and effect only with respect to loss or damage accruing during such time as the
releasors’ policies shall contain a clause or endorsement to the effect that any such release shall not adversely effect or impair the coverage of said policy or prohibits
the right of releasor to reconvey thereunder. Each party agrees that it will use its best efforts to obtain or include such a clause or endorsement from its insurer so long as
the same shall be obtainable without extra costs or if extra costs shall be charged therefore, so long as the other party pays such extra costs.


LAWS APPLICABLE: This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It is expressly agreed that all charges, costs and
expenses of carrying said Vessel to the water from its place of storage, all repairs to said Vessel at any time, storage charges thereon, sale of materials thereto, and all
other costs and expenses incident thereto shall create a Security Interest in said Vessel, her tackle, apparel and furniture within the application of the Massachusetts
Uniform Commercial Code – MGL Chapter 106, Section 9 (including without limitation Section 9-504) including but not limited to, the right of public or private sale.
In the exercise of the right of private sale of said Vessel, her tackle, apparel and furniture, twenty-one (21) days’ written notice of the time and place of said sale shall be
mailed to the Owner at the address listed in this contract by registered mail; and notice of said sale shall be placed in a newspaper of general circulation in the Town of
Winthrop once a week for three successive weeks stating the time and place and describing the property in question. Notice published in such a Winthrop paper and
notice sent to the Owner may be concurrent. It is understood that the Boatyard shall first deduct and pay to itself from said price reasonable expenses of retaking,
preparing for sale, selling and the like, reasonable attorneys’ fees and legal expenses incurred by the Boatyard, as well as the debt owed. The remainder of said proceeding
shall then be paid over as provided by Massachusetts law. The aforesaid remedies shall not exclude the creation or exercise by the Boatyard of any common law lien,
statutory or admiralty liens by law, and it is expressly hereby agreed that a maritime lien, for any of the services set out above which are performed on said Vessel shall
be created on said Vessel, her tackle, apparel and furniture, which maritime lien shall be enforced as an alternative remedy by the Boatyard, its successors and assigns in
either the Federal or State courts.


NOTICE: The Owner shall notify the Boatyard in writing of any change of the Owner’s address or contact information.


DEAD STORAGE: All storage agreements are defined as DEAD STORAGE. Boats may be blocked for days, weeks, months, or the entire term. The boatyard can remove and move boats for access at the owner's expense. Owners are not permitted to move other vessels to access their own, and the boatyard may charge an access fee at our prevailing hourly rate to move such boats to gain access to your own. Access is only available during our posted business hours, and at least 48HR notification is required to make yard moves. 

SPECIAL CONDITIONS: The boatyard is not responsible for flat tires, trailer guides, trailer lights, fenders, all trailers must roll, be roadworthy and registered. All drain plugs must be removed during storage. All outdrives and motors must be left in the trimmed up position during storage. 

RISK: The Owner acknowledges and agrees that the consideration paid to the Boatyard for the storage of his Vessel is disproportionately small in comparison to the
value of the Vessel and equipment involved, and the Owner is well aware of and accepts the various types of risks that are involved and associated with the storage of
his Vessel on the Boatyard premises. Therefore, it is agreed that the Vessel and all other property of the Owner, his employees, servants, agents and guests, which may
be brought on the Boatyard premises is at the sole risk of the Owner, his employees, servants, agents, and guests. For the avoidance of doubt, the Owner expressly
acknowledges and agrees that the Boatyard, its agents, servants, and employees will not be liable for any loss or damage to such Vessel and said property under any
circumstances including, but not limited to fire, theft, vandalism, water damage, storm damage and damage occurring for any acts of God, sinking, capsizing, pollution,
and damage from other Vessels, and the Owner hereby waives any and all such claims against the Boatyard, its officers, directors, managers, employees, agents, and
attorneys which may be asserted by the Owner including, without limitation, all claims concerning any negligent acts or omissions and notwithstanding any asserted or
actual breach of this Agreement by the Boatyard, to the extent permitted by law. The Owner further agrees and does hereby, on behalf of himself, his heirs and
executors, employees, servants, agents, and guests, during the term of this Agreement or any extension thereof, release, indemnify, and save harmless the Boatyard, its
agents, servants, and employees from any liability for any loss or damage to the person of the Owner, his employees, servants, agents, and guests, under any
circumstances, including any negligent acts or omissions of the Boatyard, to the extent permitted by law, and the Owner agrees on behalf of himself, his employees,
servants, agents, and guests to assume the sole risk of any such loss or damage.


FEES: All charges unpaid after 30 days are subject to 1.5% interest per month and must be paid before removing Vessel from the yard or water. After 30 days, an
additional late fee of $35 per month will be charged. A minimum of $25 charge plus bank fees will be assessed for returned checks. If a law is finally interpreted so that
the interest or other charges collected or to be collected exceed the permitted limits allowed by law, then any such interest or charge shall be reduced by the amount
necessary to reduce the charge to the permitted limit. The Owner shall be responsible for all costs of collection, including reasonable attorneys’ fees.


INSURANCE: The Owner does hereby warrant and represent to the Boatyard that he now has and shall throughout the term of this Agreement and until the Vessel is
removed keep and maintain in full force and effect insurance on his Vessel and the equipment thereon, insuring the Owner against loss from fire, theft, upset and other
perils now or hereafter customarily contained in and all-risk Marina / Boatyard policy.
The undersigned (“Owner”) represents that he is the Owner of the Vessel described herein, and has read this entire document and accepts all terms and conditions. He
further certifies that he has read the Boatyard General Rules (if applicable) and received a copy for his record, understands them, and will comply with them. This
contract is accepted once fully completed, signed and paid in full. It is agreed that this contract can be altered, modified or amended only by an instrument in writing
signed by Boatyard and the Owner.


NOTES: Boats are billed at LOA - length overall. Storage does not include hauling bottom wash or any other services. Blocks and stands can be provided for an additional cost. No spots are guaranteed; boats are placed on the property based on the boatyard's schedule and requirements. 













*By accepting the terms & conditions box & printing your signature, you confirm you are the registered owner or have permission from the said owner and agree & have reviewed all information in our terms & conditions, warranty agreement & customer agreement. 

*This forum serves as a work order agreement and is an estimated cost for the services requested by the client. Upon submission, the client understands the work agreed upon can and will be performed & billed. Individual estimates can be issued per request. 

Thanks for submitting!

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