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Boat Detailing Services


Professional Boat Care


Buffing/Wax Service

Fiberglass-constructed hulls are coated with Gelcoat to protect from UV degradation. As the gelcoat takes a beating from the sun and its environment, micropores develop in the surfaces that cause dull and diminished surface finishes.


The process to refinish the Gelcoat involves removing the gelcoat oxidation by wet sanding, refinishing, and polishing. Additional wax protection is often added to ensure season-long protection. We use a Hutchinson wet sander hooked up to an Ingersoll dual-stage air compressor that provides the means to quickly smooth out surface blemishes caused by UV degradation.


We use Makita buffers equipped with wool pads to refinish the surface after sanding. On colored hulls, we polish with foam pads when necessary. Using commercial-grade materials and professionally-trained operators, we are able to achieve the highest quality of restoring your gelcoat to a brilliant shine.


Boat Wash Service

Equipped with a Dewalt commercial-grade 5200 psi pressure washer, we are able to blast away mold and grime. Using a soap-cannon attachment, we soak your boat in stain-removing concentrates and scrub and rinse accordingly. We remove spider droppings, white-calcium buildup, black streaks, dirt, and grime. We apply PTEF-Teflon coatings to non-skid surfaces to ensure your decks stay protected.

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