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Diagnostics and Repairs


Get Back on the Water SOONER. 

With the New England boating season being only so long, unexpected breakdowns can be extremely frustrating, but Ravosa Marine Services has you covered. We have the proper diagnostic equipment to repair your Yamaha, Suzuki or Evinrude Outboard. Our network of suppliers allows us to get OEM parts on the same day. Don't haul your boat to the marina and miss several weeks of summer weather on the water. 

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Ravosa Marine Services diagnoses Yamaha and Suzuki outboards. From basic troubleshooting to advanced fuel injector system work, we do it all. We also strictly follow the manufacturer repair procedures and OEM parts, to ensure your repairs meet or exceed factory standards. Listed below are all of the outboard systems we service.

  • Carburetor Rebuilds: Cleaning, Rebuilding, and Tuning your Carburetors 

  • Fuel Injection Systems: Injector Issues, Fuel Rails & VST Tanks, and more

  • Fuel Flow Issues: Fuel Pumps, Clogged Lines, Vents, FIlters, and more

  • Ignition Issues: No Spark, Not Charging, Alarms, and more

  • Trim Issues: Leaking Cylinders, Trim Not Working, and more

  • Sensor Failures: Oil Pressure, Temperature Sensor, TPS Sensor, and more

  • Rough Running: Diagnosing issues with running rough

  • No-Start Condition: Diagnosing no start condition

  • Overheat Issues: Stuck Thermostat, Clogged Water Passage, Water Pump and more

  • Lower Unit Repair: Seals, Gears, Rebuilds, and more

  • Power Steering Issues: Leaking system, not working and more

  • Engine Overhauls: New Powerheads/Rebuilds

  • Engine Exhaust Work: 225hp/150hp Yamaha Exhaust Repair Kits

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