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Fuel Tank Replacement


Safety first when it comes to Fuel Management.

Is your boat's fuel tank old, leaking or corroded? Can you smell gasoline fumes in the bilge of your boat? If so, it is time to replace your boat fuel tank. Just one spark is all it takes to ignite the fumes in the bilge and the potentially hundreds of gallons of gasoline in your tank. Having a solid fuel tank is the most important safety aspect of any boat, and they are not as expensive as you might think.

Our partnership with Kent Fabrication in Pembrook, MA enables us to get you the most competitive pricing on custom aluminum fuel tanks. Our fabricator offers direct replacement custom fit tanks that exceed coast guard safety standards (pressure testing). We commonly replace the fill hose, vent hose, and, motor pickup hose depending on the condition. This will ensure you have a clean, new, and safe fuel system. If there is no access panel to your tank, don't worry. We have all the knowledge and resources in fiberglass and gel coat repair to your deck for a seamless repair.

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