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Gelcoat Repairs


Dock Dings, Scratches and Small Holes

Gel coat is that glossy finish used on the majority of your boat's exterior and interior surfaces. Over years of boating, small scratches, cracks, dock dings, and old electronics holes can add up, greatly affecting the appearance and value of your boat. Luckily, these are easy to repair and can be seamlessly blended to match your existing gelcoat.  We use RGB color-matching processes to ensure repairs are perfect and use only the highest grade of materials to ensure no chips or cracks in the future.  Even if you have just a few small chips, it is something we can take care of. Take a look at the repairs we completed on this 1990 24ft Albemarle this past fall. 

"I cannot believe the quality of the repairs Ravosa Marine Services completed on my vessel. I had about 35 screw holes on my dash, and RMS filled, blended and buffed them to a seamless and perfectly color-matched finish." - Richard S.


30 Years of Marine Electronics. These holes were never filled and left to leak water in the cabin.


We first filled the holes with Marine-Tex (a structural filler) to give the gelcoat something to bite onto. 


After the Marine Tex Cured, we applied our first coat of Gel-Coat. One more finish coat with wax was applied after.


The results, after a three-stage buff and wax. We achieved a deep glossy shine and a perfect transition between repairs and existing gelcoat.

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