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Maintenance Matters. 

Keeping your Outboard maintained professionally will guarantee you will enjoy the entire season on the water. Outboards are put subject to harsh conditions and require very special maintenance to operate continuously without error. Running at 4800-5800RPM for extended durations of time, saltwater corrosion, and seasonal storage all put a strain on your outboard's lifespan if not maintained to factory specifications.


Keeping your Outboard maintained only takes a couple of hours each year and can save you thousands in unexpected repairs and priceless time lost on the water. The average boater uses their boat approximately 100 hours each season, which conveniently aligns itself with the majority of the manufacturer's maintenance intervals. At Ravosa Marine Services we can service Yamaha, Suzuki & Mercury Outboards, please see services below.


100HRS or Operation or 1 Year: Change Engine Oil & Oil Filter, Replace Engine Fuel Filter(s), Replace Fuel Water Separator, Replace Spark Plugs, Change Gear Oil, CRC Protective Engine Coating, Clean/Check Battery Connections, Remove & Check Prop Shaft, Grease Fittings/Cables/Connections, Diagnostic Assessment (Engine Data Report), Reset Service Alarm & Test Run. 

300HRS of Operation or 3 Years: Replace Water Impeller, Housing, Cup, Seals & Gaskets & Replace Thermostat.

500HRS of Operation or 5 Years: Remove VST Tank, Clean Tank, Replace Filters & Gasket

1000HRS of Operation or 10 Years: Service Motors Valvetrain, Replace Timing Belt & Tensioner if Needed.

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