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Vessel Hauling Waiver 




All estimates are subject to change. Ravosa Marine Service LLC estimates are calculated on a round-trip basis and include minimal time to load and unload the vessel.


All vessels are required to be ready to transport. If Ravosa Marine Service needs to spend additional time securing objects and/or materials or removing radar, performing trailer maintenance on customers' trailers or repairs during travel (bearing, brake failure, etc), bimini tops, etc., on the vessel, an additional $195.00 per hour labor rate will be added. Vessels must be under 13’6 for transport.


All customers must have insurance on the vessel to be transported. Proof of insurance must be provided before the scheduled transport. The customer understands that the vessel is deemed self-insured if no proof is provided. The customer understands and agrees to all financial, physical, and legal responsibilities pertaining to self-insured vessels. 


All customers are to provide Ravosa Marine Service LLC with a credit card for file; payment is due upon vessel delivery (check and/or cash must be approved). Failure to pay upon delivery can result in the Ravosa Marine Service LLC holding the vessel until payment and/or late fees.


The undersigned understands that Ravosa Marine Service LLC is not liable or responsible for any physical component of the vessel before, during, and after transport. Ravosa Marine Service LLC is not liable for any loss of articles from the vessel before, during, and after transport. The undersigned releases Ravosa Marine Service LLC from any liability and/or responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur before, during, and/or after transport. Any dispute, controversy, or claim arising from this agreement and/ or services provided within this agreement that cannot be amicably resolved amongst the parties shall be referred to mediation and/or arbitration with the County of Suffolk, Massachusetts. The parties below agree that either form of alternative dispute resolution listed above will be the sole and exclusive forum for which disputes are settled within the matter of agreement and/or service provided through agreement.

Please review our terms & conditions below and review the supporting documents regarding our service warranty, Haul Waiver, terms & conditions, and our customer agreement.


Customer Dropoff Instructions

Terms & Conditions

Marine Repair Warranty 

Boat Hauling Waiver 


By accepting the terms & conditions box & printing your signature you confirm you are the registered owner or have permission from the said owner and agree & have reviewed all information in our terms & conditions, warranty agreement & our customer agreement.

*This forum serves as a work order agreement and is an estimated cost for the services requested by the client. Upon submission, the client understands the work agreed upon can and will be performed & billed. Individual estimates can be issued per request. 

Thanks for submitting!

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